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Sepatu Futsal Adidas Kaiser 5 Team Black White 10569

Sepatu Futsal Adidas Kaiser 5 Team Black White 10569
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Sepatu Futsal Adidas Kaiser 5 Team Black White 10569

Tipe : Sepatu Futsal
Merk : Adidas
Size : ask me 
Harga  : Rp 2.095.000- ( Sudah termasuk ongkir dari England )


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  • Original quarante 100 %, cashback 200% kalau ane jual barang kw .
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  • For fast order just sms / whatsapp me in 08 975 985 007.
  • Harga bisa berubah - ubah tergantung kurs bank saat ini.
  • Jangan lupa diberi BOOT ID / BORDIR ID NAME hanya dengan IDR 300 RB.


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  • Stock: In Stock
  • Model: Kaiser
  • SKU: 10569
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Ex Tax: Rp1,658,000

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